Alatri – Soccorso Pronto a success for social event

Alatri – Soccorso Pronto, a success for the social event

The Round Table “Let’s Share Our Knowledge,” in fact hit the mark; that of solidarity and, above all, of “Contaminations”. That interchange of experiences between different stakeholders; young and old and disabled. The proceedings were moderated by Dr. Rosina Vinci, who was able to give an essential and relevant slant.

The experience involved six other territorial partners, including agencies and services, such as the Largo Graziosi and Collelavena Senior Citizens’ Social Centers, the Altri Colori and La Meridiana Cooperatives, Unietà, the G Rest Home.B. Lisi, Rsa San Francesco, Unietà, and the association Insieme. Young and old tried their hand at the activities of six workshops, during which they were able to make theater, compose baskets, paper objects and various materials with the use of big-shot. All the workshops were very successful in terms of adherence. The final bread and pizza course gratified the palate of the large number of participants.

All the partners of the project gathered at last Saturday’s event held yesterday at the conference room of the Conti Gentili, during which the importance of the “contaminations,” which have been created in the course of this experience, was emphasized. Mayor Engineer Giuseppe Morini commented, “Our administration has always tried to experiment with new projects, and the Lazio Region has always rewarded us for this.”. The “Soccorso Pronto” Project has brought into play the elderly, disabled youth, users of different services, associations and citizens, promoting everyone’s initiative, in an atmosphere of solidarity and cordiality.

Satisfied Councillor for Social Services Fabio Di Fabio, however: ” Our Administration will continue to promote projects and initiatives that promote aggregation and solidarity.”.

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