Thanks to the provincial councilor Emiliano Minnucci and to the Democratic Party of Anguillara Sabazia the population è been informed of the’opening of the new premises used as a counseling center. Through the press release issued by some news outlets Minnucci announced that in Friday'sì Feb. 12, the counseling center was being transferred, after nearly 30’years of being in the’old municipal slaughterhouse, in the’immobile in via Marco Polo, and that from Mondayì next “everything would be functioning and without inconvenience to the’users”.

At first glance, one might have wondered why a provincial councilor was taking the place of the mayor to make the population aware of the transfer of a local health service, but then thanks to the flyer distributed a few days later by members of the Anguillara PD Circle, everything turned out più clear. “The realization of this work – read in the’information – together with the’opening of the new polyclinic in Anguillarese Street and the construction of the Social Citadel in Mazzini Street, has been one of the points of the’agreement reached between the management of our Asl and the previous center-left Anguillara municipal administration, led by Emiliano Minnucci”. The merit of the’undertaking, therefore, had to be made public.

“L’agreement reached not è been other than the consequence of taking d’act that the counseling center located in the old slaughterhouse was inadequate to accommodate users and despite having spent 60 thousand euros to clean it up – explained Minnucci – we urged the Asl Rm F in finding premises, since the municipality did not have any available, to transfer the service to moreù suitable. Following an inspection carried out by those in charge of the’Health company – specified the’former mayor – è was identified a private facility on Anguillarese Street that I do not know whose”. Emiliano Minnucci does not know whose è the cottage rented to the Asl under a contract signed in December 2008, which provides for a monthly rent of about 4.300 euros, but half the country sì, just ask a little’ turn around and two surnames identical to his turn up as if they were first cousins.

And while on the one hand è true that the new consulting rooms are moreù spacious and with all the credentials to deliver a variety of services, from the’other can legitimately trigger questions regarding both the procedures adopted for the’identification of the facility, both the reasons why the previous Asl Rm F management entered into a nine-year lease (with tacit renewal for another nine) that provides for a rather onerous rent, considering also the fact that the commercial value of a property of 300 square meters. n Anguillara does not exceed 3,000 euros per month..

“L’municipal administration provides the’indication of the area where the service is needed – explained the’architect Constantine, director of the’Technical area of the Asl Rm F – And the health management is working in the’identify the’building. If the area indicated does not è very broad you can adopt direct negotiations, without incurring intermediaries – he continued Constantine – and I believe that the’engineer then in charge got in touch with two bidders, but I am not sure of this”.

During the symbolic opening ceremony held on Feb. 26, Mayor Antonio Pizzigallo highlighted the positive features of the new facility, and the efficient services offered, but also pointed out that the 51.360 euros annually (moreù Istat update and VAT if due) disbursed for the’rent could be converted into acquisition of the premises through the’taking out a loan from the’District health company to optimize spending “così as we are doing at the level of small institutions – suggested Pizzigallo – it would be appropriate for this to happen at other levels moreù wide”. The director general of the Asl Rm F, Salvatore Squarcione, collected the’invitation of the mayor and taking advantage of the presence of the provincial councilors Lancianese e Minnucci hoped for their cooperation to safeguard the interests of the’area and support the request for the issuance of authorizations for the’taking out mortgages, soì from being able to “willingly commit the money to an asset that is ownedà of the’Company”.

In Anguillara c’è even those who argue that because the funds used to renovate the old counseling center were public, its relocation could be delayed to include it in the Social Citadel once the work was completed. Forò Of the three planned lots only one in fact è now finished, after the not a few difficultiesà met for the completion of the’bureaucratic process undertaken with the transfer of the’Private area for the integrated plan and after the work continued for a year, and will beà intended for the semi-residential center for physically and socially disadvantaged young people who are currently helped by the Ceos cooperative. For the realization of the first lotus, the Lazio Region and the Province of Rome have allocated 400 thousand and 360 thousand euros, respectively, but to continue work on the other two are still lacking funds. “We submitted the application for funding still in June – let it be known Domenico Di Donato, head of the’Technical Department of Public Works of the Municipality – But after nine months, both region and province have yet to respond”.

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