Aprilia – Avis meets the citizenship. Objective to increase blood donations

Aprilia – Avis meets citizenship. Goal to increase blood donations

The first assembly of 2016 of the Aprilia Avis was held last Saturday at the association’s headquarters on Via Fermi, attended by Mayor Antonio Terra and representatives of territorial law enforcement agencies.

For the local section of blood volunteers, a particularly significant year closed in terms of both the collection of donations and because the Aprilia Avis achieved Accreditation to European Requirements, also thanks to the contribution of the City of Aprilia.

Volunteers, however, pointed out that the Latium region is characterized by an ever-increasing demand for blood. The latest report of the Regional Blood Center on the blood situation in Lazio points out, not least, that in the province of Latina to be most lacking in this period are bags of group A RH Positive.

The goal of the local Avis, thanks to awareness-raising initiatives aimed particularly at young people, is to reach the average percentage indicated by the World Health Organization, that is, in a population pool of 72.500 inhabitants, 1500 donations in 2016 until reaching 2900 donations in 2020.

The Mayor of Aprilia Antonio Terra congratulated and thanked all the donors and volunteers of Avis, a city association that for decades, in addition to enhancing the Via Fermi headquarters, has managed to involve more and more young people in its meritorious initiatives.

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