Aranova – Severini ” One simple move can save your child”

Aranova – Severini: ” A simple move can save your child.”

Tomorrow, Friday, May 16, at 7 p.m., at the elementary and kindergarten school in Aranova, Via Michele Rossi organized by the association Growing Together in collaboration with the Italian Red Cross an informational lecture will be held on pediatric airway disobstruction maneuvers and first aid.

Weekly – explains the president of the association Roberto Severinia child dies from airway obstruction caused by a foreign body. With this lesson, we want to give parents a chance to learn simple techniques that can prove vital. This is a first demonstration meeting in the area that, thanks to the volunteers of the Crescere Insieme association and the willingness of those of the Red Cross, it was possible to realize.

This will not be the only initiative. We will soon organize personal theory and practice courses on first aid protocol up to the use of the defibrillator. Timeliness in rescue, it is well known by now, is crucial, and at least one person in each family should have some basic knowledge to be able to intervene immediately when the opportunity arises.

We thank the willingness given by the operators of the Italian Red Cross and invite all citizens of the northern municipality of Fiumicino to participate“.

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