Artena – Applause for the “Stadio” and the donation of a defibrillator

Artena – Applause for the “Stadio” and for the donation of a defibrillator

Overcrowded concert area in Colubro, a hamlet of Artena (Rome), for the “Stadio” concert organized as part of the festivities dedicated to St. John the Baptist: a passionate and enthusiastic crowd that repeatedly accompanied with choruses the Group’s pieces.

Toward the end of the performance, “Stadio” leader Gaetano Curreri offered a reflection on the importance of remembrance towards people who are no longer with us; he recalled Lucio Dalla and then the story of Lorenzo, a 19-year-old boy who died three years ago from sudden cardiac arrest; spoke of the courage of his mother, Rossella Lorenzotti, who, after the misfortune, established the committee “Facciamo ripartire il cuore – Lorenzo Marcucci – ONLUS” with the aim of spreading defibrillators and “popular” knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers.

He then called to the stage the vice-chairman of the committee, Giorgio Lo Surdo, and the mayor of Artena, Felicetto Angelini, accompanied by alderman Alessandra Bucci. Lo Surdo had a defibrillator with him, briefly explained the importance of this valuable life-saving tool for the survival of those struck by sudden cardiac arrest, and finally handed it over to Curreri so that, on behalf of the Committee, he could donate it to the Mayor for the cardioprotection of the Artenese community. Angelini thanked, addressing, as well, a thought of esteem and gratitude toward Lorenzo’s mother.

The audience underscored the different moments of this short “off-program” with many moving applause. Then Curreri, after also remembering Armando, a young man from Artena also a recent victim of sudden cardiac arrest, significantly dedicated to his memory the piece “Ask Who the Beatles Were”.

“Beyond the excitement – said Rossella Lorenzotti, chairwoman of the committee – of remembering my son Lorenzo with Stadio, of which he was a fan, this beautiful evening helped to make many people aware of the importance of educating people about first aid and the use of a defibrillator. I thank Gaetano Curreri, his musicians, the Personal Manager, Laura Cordischi, the Tour Manager, Antonio Danese who made all this possible with such affectionate participation. Thanks also to the mayor, the municipal administration of Artena and the organizing committee of the feast of St. John’s Day for their attention.”.

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