ASL ROMA F no closure in sight for Tolfa and Allumiere health facilities

ASL ROMA F, no closure in sight for Tolfa and Allumiere health facilities

In reference to what was published this morning in some press organs regarding the possibility of an’imminent closure of the health facilities of Allumiere and Tolfa as an effect of the spending revue planned by the Lazio Region, we inform you that the news is completely without any foundation.

There has long existed, on the contrary, the need to rationalize spending also by intervening on the progressive reduction of costs incurred by public health for the provision of outsourced services, so much so that on this is centered the remodulation of tariffs and / or volumes of services, with a decrease that for the current year has been programmed in the order of 5%’s.

From the company management it is made known that there is no intention to take away services to the territory but that instead are being studied a series of functional reorganizations that will affect all health facilities in the municipalities of Roma F, with particular attention to the time slots and territorial specificities, so as to ensure, however, efficiency and appropriateness in the’delivery of services.

In this regard, the Director General himself Dr. Quintavalle , contacted by the mayors of Allumiere and Tolfa, stressed the’absolute groundlessness of the rumors on which their institutional concern is based, reassuring them that any future decision will be guided by criteria of geographical equity and safeguarding the specific health needs of citizens .

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