Bracciano – Autism June 9 presentation of the results of the school inclusion project

Bracciano – Autism, June 9 presentation of results of school inclusion project

Will be presented on June 9 at a meeting set for 4 p.m. at the conference room of the Historical Archives of Bracciano the results of the school inclusion project launched last September by ANGSA Lazio, in collaboration with CulturAutismo.

The project involved5 students. The meeting will be attended by representatives of the institutions that sponsored the project: for the Municipality of Bracciano will be present the mayor Giuliano Sala and councillors Paola Lucci and Mauro Negretti, for the Asl Rm/F the general director Giuseppe Quintavalle and the director of the Autism Observatory Maurizio Munelli and for the Comprehensive Institute the director professor Michele Nicolò Angileri.

“This is the first year that a project aimed at promoting the school inclusion of students with autism spectrum is being carried out in Bracciano. The project was important because, thanks to the awareness of the two associations active in the field, it brought together institutions and schools. Our thanks also go to the local traders who, showing sensitivity to the issue, have assured their contribution in support of the project. The hope is that the project can be replicated for the next school year as well.

The sensitivity on this issue is coming, with a new legislation, to fill the gaps so far, recognizing autism among the pathologies of Essential Levels of Care for which will then be provided services of early diagnosis, care individualized treatment, through the’use of methods and tools based on the advanced scientific evidence available”.

The Associazione Nazionale Genitori Soggetti Autistici (ANGSA) Lazio Onlus is made up of parents, family members and guardians of people on the autism spectrum. L’CulturAutism Association Onlus consists of psychologists, neuropsychiatrists, psychotherapists and speech therapists. Aims included expanding knowledge about the autism spectrum, through contacts between people, organizations and associations, in order to promote activities and services for people on the autism spectrum and their families.

The Observatory on Autism of Asl Rm/F was established in 2010: it is a structure with tasks of guidance, coordination, proposal, implementation, study, listening, representation and epidemiological investigation on Autism and other Global Developmental Disorders (GED).

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