Appointment on Feb. 5, at 10 a.m., at the Conference Room of the’Historical Archives(Mazzini Square, 5 – Bracciano).

Fridayì Feb. 5, at 10 a.m., at the Conference Room of the’Historical Archives of Bracciano(Piazza Mazzini, 5), will be heldà the presentation of the ‘Mammography Screening’ of the Asl RmF. In the course of the’meeting will be explained to the public finalityà and modalitiesà of adherence to breast cancer early detection program, called ‘Health è the color of life, protect it’.

The fight against cancer è possible through prevention interventions based on early detection. Mammography screening è a programmed pathway that aims to reduce the mortality rate of breast cancerà and suffering related to breast cancer. The’only effective prevention tool è l’adherence to the screening program and the’performance of a simple mammography exam that represents its core.

Through this pathway one canò in fact detect early the’onset of cancer by achieving a significant reduction in the probability of theà of death and the possibilityà For women not to expose themselves to overly aggressive and invasive interventions.

The best result is achieved through a convinced and participatory adherence of all women, so all citizens and the press are invited to participate.

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