Breakfast why it’s not good to skip it

Breakfast, why it is not good to skip it

There are different currents of thought regarding breakfast: some people say it is the most important meal of the day and should not be skipped, and some people can easily do without it. The key thing is to have the right nutrition that allows our bodies to be in balance.

You can skip breakfast?

It is not good to skip breakfast because, after having this meal, you are able to get to lunch without problems, without teasing anything else during the morning. This is generally why it is best to eat breakfast, especially if you are facing a morning of work or school.

Who believes that skipping breakfast helps to lose weight, actually makes a big mistake: again, it is not good to skip it precisely because during the morning one will suffer from increased hunger and therefore eat more and especially what happens (with the risk of eating even more than what one had for breakfast).

Skipping breakfast might be helpful in losing weight for those who are overweight (however, these people should be able to resist it and not eat anything else), always taking advice from your doctor. If skipping breakfast doesn’t necessarily make you lose weight, similarly it doesn’t make you fat either (this as far as adults are concerned).

Regarding children and adolescents

As for children and adolescents, Instead, it is dangerous to skip breakfast since this could easily lead to obesity.

This is due to the fact that outside the home one would be hungry and would appease this by eating mostly junk food, caloric and sugary, the easiest to find even in the vending machines present at school.

Bottom line, Skipping breakfast is not a good idea precisely because not eating early in the morning could compromise the entire rest of the day.

Rather, it is preferable to eat a light breakfast but still eat something so that you can stay focused and not be assailed by hunger when working or at school.

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