Civitavecchia – ASL RM F Continued invective against San Paolo Hospital does not help

Civitavecchia – ASL RM F: “The continuous invective against the San Paolo Hospital does not help”

The General Director and the company management in its health component, in reference to what was published this morning by the newspaper ‘La Provincia’ , inform that they have requested and already obtained a written report from those directly involved and have ordered an internal audit, which is already underway.

Yet another attack on ER operations is based on assumptions that are easily refuted:

the staff working in the department at the time of the reported incident was not understaffed, shifts were full and sufficiently secured;

the efficiency of the care provided cannot portend unpredictable events such as accidental falls, which in any case are always possible;

In the reported case, as reflected in the acquired report, “(…) the night of the 6th.02 , while the operators were busy with two red codes arrived at the same time, the patient, shown in the checks carried out oriented and cooperative, although warned not to get off the stretcher equipped with rails, got off the same with the intent, as she herself reported, to put on her pants. During that maneuver he slipped on the ground complaining, soon after, of pain and functional limitation of his left leg ; the examinations carried out showed (…) fracture femur sin. (…);

the protocol for femur fractures was immediately activated by contacting the on-call orthopedic surgeon and sending the required communications to the head of risk management;

were,also, contacted the patient’s relatives and guardian and, having acquired the necessary consent, the patient, was hospitalized and successfully operated on within the planned time frame without complications.(…)

This is the dynamics of the facts, as usual reported with transparency, while one glimpses a marked propensity on the part of some local reporters for a nihilistic reading of the objective situation of civitavecchia health care, a reading that tends to destroy the very image of the quality of care, without, moreover, taking into account the many attestations of esteem and praise, not least the excellent position of the San Paolo Hospital in the demoscopic surveys on the quality of Italian nosocomals that have appeared in the media in recent days. (

On the other hand, the continuation of the Lazio Region’s Health Commission, the stability pact and the consequent economic constraints, have not allowed for a long time not only the ‘expansions’ of staff but sometimes not even the substantial maintenance of what was already in place, and at this juncture the Corporate Management only thanks to intense mediation work, with a fair amount of skill and much sacrifice, has miraculously managed to limit as much suffering as possible and even to revive the overall image of the ASL.

Anyone with common sense can see how St. Paul’s Hospital has radically changed its appearance, organization and competence in recent years, although many things remain to be improved: the ribbon cuttings that the article would like to ridicule are conversely signifying important achievements for local public health, whether due to complete renovations of departments or inaugurations of new areas of health care activity, achievements to which the city’s best energies have often contributed and of which it would be much better to be proud.

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