Civitavecchia – Inaugurated today the first corporate center for the diagnosis and treatment of Autism and

Civitavecchia – Inaugurated today the first corporate center for diagnosis and treatment of’Autism and ADHD

Inaugurated this morning in the presence of the Director General Dr. Giuseppe Quintavalle, of Dr. Maurizio Munelli, director of the company&#8217s Observatory, and prof.

Carlo Hanau Scientific Coordinator of the’Observatory, the new Center for Pharmacological Diagnosis and Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD.

The Center is a 1st level facility that was created as a response to the needs of taking care of children with these two clinical conditions, for the entire territory of the ASL and also open to users of the other ASLs of the Lazio Region.

“Today we lay the groundwork for structurally addressing the’approach to these diseases that until recently , although diagnosed in pediatric age, were confined to a kind of ‘limbo’ welfare when they turned 18 years old. With the creation of the Observatory all those years ago, we were really forward-thinking, and the recent national legislation, passed last August, finally recognizes the treatment of autism and ADHD in the Essential Levels of Care. With this first step this morning, although a small thing, we give an additional reference to family members and potential users, creating with this center the minimum conditions for early diagnosis and the possibility of appropriate treatment, and this center will soon be joined by others in each district of the ASL ROMA F.”

The service is dedicated to diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD, developing individualized educational-therapeutic projects and sending them to rehabilitation facilities in the area.

In addition, the team, also in collaboration with dedicated operators of the TSMREEs of the other Districts, has the role of monitoring I’progress of the projects, collaborating with parents and schools to facilitate the implementation

Of the interventions, set up and monitor drug treatments.

The center, already provided for by General Director’s Resolution no. 35 of 7.4.2011 by the’Observatory on Autism, is included in the activities of the TSMREE District F l of the ASL ROMA F, directed by d.ssa Maddalena Oliviero and is coordinated by Dr. Claudio Paloscia, and immediately operationalizes some aspects of the recent national law on autism’autism n.. 134 of 18.08.2015.

Services are provided on an outpatient basis and include:

– Clinical (neuropsychiatric, neuropsychological, speech-language pathology, psychomotor) and functional evaluation.

– Development and sharing with the family of the educational and rehabilitation project,

– Diagnostic certification for health, social and welfare benefits

– Treatment monitoring and follow-up

– Setting up and monitoring any drug therapies.

– Collaboration with schools and families to define individual educational plans and personalized educational plans in a’perspective of information and training on disorders and their management.

– Collaboration and integration with rehabilitation paths carried out by public and private facilities .
Access to the Level I Center is gained through referral from the individual TSMREEs of the ASL ROMA F districts, following the suspected diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD, for which at least an initial baseline assessment must have been carried out.

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