Halitosis there are natural remedies to prevent this problem

Halitosis, there are natural remedies to prevent this problem?

Bad breath is a very annoying issue. It can be generated by several causes: for example, when food residue remains in our mouth, over time we can observe the formation of plaque and tartar.

Why halitosis forms and how to combat it

In fact, it would be good to take care of our mouth with periodic checkups at the dentist and also: brush your teeth three times a day, use mouthwash and floss. Moreover, it would be perfect to clean the tongue as well, because it is the base of numerous bacteria, which in the long run can worsen the health of our teeth. We also recommend that you have your teeth cleaned at least once a year.

There are many foods that, unfortunately, worsen halitosis, such as coffee, cigarette smoking, sugar. Fasting, in the long run, also causes problems. You should know that as we chew, we simultaneously remove the dead cells inside the mouth.

In cases of fasting or few foods, the cells form a kind of malodorous layer.

The problem of halitosis is triggered either in an untreated mouth or as a result of certain diseases; even stress is not our friend in this case.

Grandma’s remedies for proper oral hygiene

At this point, we want to list some grandmother’s remedies to combat bad breath.

  • Water: drinking plenty of water allows us to remove bacteria and dead cells inside, thus preventing the formation of odors and layers;
  • Apple cider vinegar and honey: drinking a glass of water with this substance helps keep your mouth clean;
  • Proper oral hygiene: as we said before, it is good to follow a daily cleaning routine, because it is the main factor for which halitosis is triggered;
  • Limit certain foods: we need to pay close attention to what we eat because it is important for our mouths. Limit smoking, coffee, garlic and onion.

Of course, all these natural methods cannot replace periodic visits to dentists and any treatment that needs to be done in order to have well-groomed and problem-free teeth.

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