Lose weight by drinking wine Washington State University to discover it

Lose weight by drinking wine, Washington State University finds out

Among the most searched news items on the internet is undoubtedly how to lose weight, Research that often gives as results unlikely diets or remedies to achieve the’goal. Recall that to avoid physical decompensations it is always good to before starting a diet consult a medical specialist who will also, based on the analysis, recommend the BEST NUTrition.
It sometimes happens, however, that in the several world universities some studies bring to light particular mechanisms of our body. Interesting indeed is the finding of a research carried out by the Washington State University and from Harvard Who discovered a chemical called resveratrol in wine and would prevent fat cells from increasing the body’s fat mass.

Losing weight thanks to resveratrol

Resveratrol is a substance that is produced by many plant species and helps thanks to the
special antioxidant properties to protect the’body from cardiovascular disease and cancer.
This substance in nature is found in a’high percentage in the grape peel’s and consequently in
, to a greater extent in red wine. Research conducted by the two American universities has led to
a surprising result, basically drinking two glasses of red wine can help reduce
the’obesity by 70 percent.

To support research and lend support to the study also the’university of Denmark that it would have
led to new scientific evidence finding that people who drink daily, in a way that has
moderate of course, have a thinner waistline than sober people. Harvard, on the other hand, has
demonstrated that out of 20 thousand people those who gained weight were those who did not
Obviously doctors, as Giovanni D’Agata president of Sportello dei Diritti points out, have warned and urged not to indulge in unnecessary enthusiasms that could be dangers to health by stressing the limits on alcohol consumption.

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