Rome’s St. John’s “awarded” 2 Pink Stamps

Rome’s St. John’s “awarded” with 2 Pink Stamps

THE A.O. St. John of Sorrows reconfirms itself as a “Woman-Friendly” Hospital and receives from the National Observatory on Women’s Health (ONDA) 2 Pink Stamps for the biennium 2020 -2021.

The Bollini Rosa (from 1 to 3) represent the recognition that the ONDA Foundation, which has always been committed to the promotion of gender medicine, has been awarding since 2007 to Italian hospitals “close to women” that offer diagnostic and therapeutic paths and services dedicated to women’s diseases of the highest clinical and epidemiological level, reserving particular care to the centrality of the patient.

Caring for women’s well-being

St. John’s has long directed special attention and care to women’s well-being by offering services dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of major women’s diseases.

Among the company’s specialist activities that identify women-specific health pathways, the Maternal and Child Health Area and the Senology Center stand out (European Society of Breast Cancer Specialists certification in 2017 and 2018).

In addition to these activities, the Company adds projects and periodic prevention and humanization initiatives aimed at the female universe: Open days for couples/managers, “Flakes in the Hospital” project, “Pregnancies and Birth without Violence” project, “Health in Pink” Open Week and “Pink October” with the provision of free examinations and diagnostic tests; and numerous other solidarity initiatives in collaboration with voluntary associations, including makeup courses and wig bank for breast surgery patients undergoing chemotherapy.

The hospital’s emergency department implements special protocol

The hospital’s emergency room implements special protocol for the reception of women victims of violence, providing for reserved access and space; in addition, always within the emergency room there are “pink” professional figures, nursing staff and midwives with specific skills.

Finally, on the occasion of Women’s Day, the Company organizes “The Word to Women,” a conference that has reached its 9th edition this year; the event is promoted by St. John’s professionals who address female citizenship by addressing issues of prevention and health education.

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